ISO 28001

ISO 28000 Certificates are designed for the organizations to exhibit the security of their supply chain. A security management system is executed, preserved and enhance the security of the supply chain(s) or a segment of the supply chain in Jeddah.

The need for developing this standard is from the rising threats from terrorism, theft and piracy. The standard of ISO 28001 Jeddah promote the safe international trade. The consultant of ISO 28001 describes that it lays focuses on the comprehensive supple chain of Jeddah beginning from its origin to destination.

The audits on ISO/PAS 28001:2006 lay the following requisites for the organizations in international supply chains:

  • It establishes processes for the implementation of supply chain security program.
  • Develop a minimum level of security within a supply chain.
  • The specifications set by the world customs organization for the approved Economic operators and confirming to the national supply-chain security programs.

Users of ISO/PAS 28001:2006 will

  • Needs to supply the portion of their existence in an international supply chain for which they have asked security.
  • conduct security vulnerability assessments on that portion of the supply chain and develop adequate countermeasures;
  • Design and employ a strategy for the security in the supply-chain.
  • Educate their staff for their duties related to security.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • It aids organization in effectively executing the security management system in the supply chain.
  • ISO 28000 consultants enable your organization to present yourselves as the professional partners with the third party associated such as your customers, authorities and investors.
  • This certificate assures quality control and manufacture control systems.
  • It saves both time and money assisting organizations in reducing risks and optimizing supply systems.

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